Roadside Attractions Abound in Metropolis!

According to the website there are 530 Roadside Attractions in the State of Illinois.  You can find everything from a “Lightning Rod Jesus” in Golconda, IL to “Miniature Golf in a Funeral Home” in Palatine, IL, but did you know you can find 7 of the 530 attractions in Metropolis!

The Birdman of Alcatraz’s Grave in Metropolis, IL

For a small town, Metropolis has some pretty unique finds and great places for #SuperSelfie Stops!  Did you know that you can find the grave of the Birdman of Alcatraz in Metropolis?  You can and it’s only 1 Mile from the most super Roadside Attraction, the Superman Statue!  Only 2 blocks from Superman you find the statue of Noel Neill as Lois Lane, because really, can you have Superman without Lois?

Giant Superman Statue and Super Museum on Superman Square

If you want to learn everything you need to know about all things Superman stop at Roadside Attraction #4 The Super Museum located adjacent to the Superman Statue on Superman Square.  The owners are experts!  We dare you to try to stump them!  Attraction # 5 is a few more blocks away from Superman and rightfully so, we don’t want to get  Kryptonite anywhere close to the Man of Steel!

Big John in Metropolis

Don’t forget to stop at Roadside Attraction #6 that could make it from the car to the house with all the groceries in one trip!  Our Giant Big John Grocery Clerk is over 12 foot tall!  Big John is only feet away from our last attraction on the list, which is Fort Massac!

1802 American Fort Replica

For all the, “Hamilton” fans out there, you must walk through the replica 1802 Fort!  Aaron Burr came to this place with his plots to conquer Mexico!  You can still walk through the fort area, but due to structural damage from the construction of the fort, visitors cannot explore the interior of the buildings.  Still, it makes for great photos!  Come into the museum at Fort Massac to learn even more about IL’s First State Park!

And when you visit all these unique attractions, make sure you use #SuperSelfie when you post your fun to Social Media.  You never know, we may use your picture on our Social Media Account or Website!


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